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  • Diane Gibb (Monday, August 29 22 05:55 pm BST)

    Thankyou again Steve for the service you provide us for our beloved pets, lovely crematorium , compassionate staff and attention to detail in all aspects of their care. All missed in their own special ways , Freddie Baxter Molly Charlie . X

  • April Mackenzie (Friday, August 12 22 06:09 pm BST)

    Thank you so much Steve for looking after our rabbit Arlo in his final journey. Such an amazing service and couldn't recommend enough x

  • Alex Wood (Monday, June 13 22 02:59 pm BST)

    We cannot thank Gillian and Steve enough for the outstanding service they provided to us at a very difficult time. The care and warmth that was shown to us at a very difficult time helped us immensely. Thank you very much for taking care of Oli Puppy and Charlie for us. Miriam and Alex

  • Carolyn Brocklesby (Saturday, May 21 22 08:41 pm BST)

    We can’t thank Steven & Gillian enough for being there for us at such an unexpected time due to the loss of our beloved Oscar.
    Oscar was given the respect he deserved for his final journey.
    He was a great companion and loved by all, we will miss our buddie lots.
    Thank you again x
    Carolyn & Derek

  • Claire Coupar (Tuesday, April 05 22 04:53 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for making a very difficult time that little bit easier for us. I am so grateful for the kindness and compassion that was shown to myself and my family. It is comforting to know that Poppy was so well taken care of and given the respect and dignity she deserved.

  • Robert Thain (Thursday, February 10 22 07:58 pm GMT)

    Thank you to Steve & family for the excellent service they supplied after the sudden loss of our Westie Skye. Couldn`t recommend them any higher.

  • Donna Morrison (Sunday, January 16 22 08:40 pm GMT)

    My sincere gratitude to Steven at Balmedie Pet Crematorium. He made a very sad time a lot easier to handle.
    We discussed Lexie and he had an honest interest in the situation. He is very friendly and compassionate and I will highly recommend his service to any pet owner who needs his care and attention.
    A beautiful place to visit too in a time of need.
    Very impressed.

  • Jacqueline Bain (Sunday, December 12 21 06:22 pm GMT)

    I would like to Express my gratitude to Steven and Gillian for taking care of my handsome boy Louie who left me very unexpectedly. I am so grateful for the kindness and the service they provide at this heartbreaking time, I can't recommend them highly enough. Many thanks Jacqueline❤

  • Heather Duguid (Thursday, July 01 21 11:56 am BST)

    Thanks for taking care of our little black cat Jenny, a much missed constant companion.

  • Shaun Henderson (Wednesday, June 23 21 01:53 pm BST)

    Thank you for taking care of pac much appreciated

  • Iona and Drew Duncan (Thursday, March 04 21 02:23 pm GMT)

    We just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to Steve and his family who looked after our precious boys, Herb and Woody, so well when we sadly lost them both within a month of each other at the start of the year. Their kindness and empathy made one of the hardest times of our lives just that little bit more bearable knowing our beloved boys were in their professional and skilled care at the very end... can’t thank you enough and can’t recommend your service highly enough either.

  • Andy Downs (Friday, February 12 21 04:43 pm GMT)

    An absolutely wonderful service, so kind and caring, a very fitting support for our Millie.
    Thank you both

  • Raymond & Lorraine Carle (Friday, November 20 20 10:03 am GMT)

    Thankyou Steve, Gillian and Team for your excellent service and kindness taking care of our wonderful Glen, it was much appreciated

  • Moira McRonald (Thursday, October 22 20 08:01 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for taking care of our Charlie. The whole procedure was carried out in an efficient and caring way and was very much appreciated.

  • Moira Fearn (Tuesday, July 14 20 04:20 pm BST)

    Steven thank you so much for the years of care you have given on the passing of our beloved cavaliers. Our last fur baby Charlie died in my arms on the 29th June 2020 and you were so kind to allow us to come at the difficult time of Covid.The service you give is so calm and reassuring when owners are so upset. No words can really express our gratitude and thanks. Such a wonderful company to have dealt with and your kindness is wonderful. Thank you again

  • Lorna Low (Thursday, May 14 20 08:30 am BST)

    Having used the crematorium for our first dog 12 years ago, it was where I knew I wanted to go again From first point of contact I was reassured that our beloved Charlie was being treated with dignity and kindness. Very professional and compassionate during a very difficult time, would not hesitate to recommend your services

  • Jim and Lynda (Saturday, February 22 20 10:40 am GMT)

    After 14 and a half glorious years our beloved Mac passed away. We can't recommend Balmedie Pet Crematorium highly enough for all their care, they treated Mac with the respect he deserved. Thank you

  • Russell Grant (Wednesday, November 20 19 02:21 pm GMT)

    Thank you both once again for helping out at a time of great sorrow and loss. It is comforting to know that my cat Bagheera was handled with dignity and returned to me so quickly which will help me as I get used to his passing.

  • William Beattie (Friday, September 06 19 10:00 pm BST)

    Our beloveds dog Ollie passed away on Tuesday 3rd September, he will be missed more than anyone can imagine, I would like to thank the staff at the Balmedie crematorium for there professional and caring attitude during this difficult time.

  • Jade Park (Monday, August 12 19 01:23 pm BST)

    Honestly cant thank yourselves enough! You made everything so much easier and the way use dealt with us was perfect! Simple ways of wording phrases makes all the difference!

  • Alan McGuire (Thursday, August 01 19 11:02 am BST)

    Thank you so much for looking after Peanut i am heartbroken he was such a character and will be missed. You run a fantastic service and am very grateful for your kindness shown at this very difficult time

  • Ian McHardy (Monday, March 11 19 04:26 pm GMT)

    I recommend Balmedie pet crem this is the 2nd time i have used them and i'm highly impressed by there services and professionalism and how caring towards you and your loss. Thank you for your help. Ian

  • Christian Paduch (Thursday, November 15 18 11:35 pm GMT)

    Thank you all so much for the care and professionalism that was kindly provided during such a difficult time after losing Diego.

    I am forever grateful for the the love and care provided.
    Thank you again

  • Rachael Cowe (Tuesday, September 25 18 02:15 pm BST)

    I would just like to thank all the staff for all their help and looking after my baby boy milo. We are all going to miss him so much he will forever be in our hearts

  • Shirley and George Cowe (Monday, September 24 18 10:57 pm BST)

    Our beautiful boy Milo passed away on Wednesday 19th September 2018 in my arms and we are all totally devastated about his loss. Thank you so much Steven for the care and compassion you carried out with our family cat Milo. He has pride of place at home again where he belongs. R I P handsome boy we will always love you and never forget you. Lots of love from us all xxx xxx

    Thanks again Steven and Gillian.

  • Sean & Kim Presslie (Friday, September 21 18 10:58 pm BST)

    Dear Steve, I can’t find the words to praise you & your wife enough for looking after us & our adorable airedale terrier Ollie.

    We are absolutely devastated to have lost our beautiful boy but your understanding, compassion & placing our boy in your respectful chapel of rest, made one of the worst days of our lives much less upsetting.

    Thanks you for everything you do.

  • Kim Hay + George Goodlad (Sunday, July 15 18 05:55 pm BST)

    We lost our boy Mac on 10/7/18
    He was a handsome 11 1/2 years young west highland terrier with lots of attitude sorely missed one of a kind
    Went to see Steven and he explained everything to us all options and he was happy to follow our wishes thankyou

  • Paul Collier (Friday, May 18 18 10:57 am BST)

    Thanks again for looking after one of our pets. Toby was given a nice send off and we can now scatter him in some of his favourite places and in a plant pot at home.
    Such a lovely peaceful setting for the final farewell!

  • George and Lynne watson (Saturday, April 28 18 09:09 am BST)

    I would lite to take this opportunity to thank Balmedie pet crematorium for the fantastic caring service you provided us on the sad loss of our beautiful boy Blue and for helping getting him back to us so quickly . To anyone thinking of using this service we would highly recommend them on a scale of 1 to 10 it would definitely de 10 . Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts

  • John & Brenda Ledger (Friday, March 23 18 01:26 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for your professionalism but more especially for your kindness. Your approach was exactly what we needed at this most difficult time.

  • Tim Kirk (Wednesday, March 21 18 11:50 am GMT)

    Thank you to Steven, Gillian and your team at Balmedie. We had the difficult decision of saying farewell to our 10 year old pup Ruby, we were devastated as she seemed so spritely up until the moment we had to let her go. The service we received was outstanding , at no point did we feel as if we were being rushed, the time we spent with Boo when dropping her off, was one of the most important processes for us whilst grieving, and at no point did we feel that we were in the way or that we should hurry along. Everything was treated respectfully and promptly. I cannot thank you all for the care and attention you gave during this difficult time and know that you looked after our little one whilst she was with you. A wonderful place.

  • Mandy Sangbarani (Thursday, February 22 18 09:53 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for the care and compassion you shown with the service of cremating our beautiful2 years old Sheepadoodle ROXI, who suddenly died from a broken neck falling off the bed in the middle of the night. ROXI you will always have a place in our hearts, go play in heaven now ?

  • Karen Sherriffs (Friday, February 16 18 10:43 am GMT)

    On the 9th of Feb our beloved dog Milo was put to sleep and Steven went above and beyond to help us through this very sad time.he is just such a lovely guy!
    Thanks again Steven

  • Liz Grant (Saturday, January 20 18 09:40 pm GMT)

    Thank you Steve once again, for taking good care of Mitzi the Minx. Nearly 20 years and devastating to lose her. Mitz was entertaining, always up to mischief, hence her nickname. She never looked her age, little wee girl, always in good health, but then age took its toll. I miss her dearly, miss her meowing all the time, she loved to talk. I can't thank you enough for caring for her. She's home in the lovely casket with the pawprints on top and where she belongs.

  • Joelle Gilbert (Tuesday, January 09 18 03:06 pm GMT)

    Thank you for the wonderful service you have given for our pets Connon and King. Also thank you for your professionalism, kindness and understanding at this sad time.

  • Ronnie Mair (Friday, September 22 17 04:09 pm BST)

    Thanks Steven for your excellent service and kind handling of Oakley it was much appreciated

  • Keith Greig (Friday, August 25 17 09:30 am BST)

    On 21 August 2017, we had the very unfortunate decision to make and have our special miniature dachshund 'Rolo' put to sleep. We decided to use Balmedie Pet Crematorium and have only praise for what they do. Steve accommodated us early evening and all matters were concluded within 2 days. A royal send off for a dog who led the life of a king. Thanks to Steve and staff for their help and assistance.

  • rebecca campbell (Sunday, July 23 17 08:15 pm BST)

    At what is a very difficult time Steven helped us make the best choices for prince and our family.Steven put me at ease when i went to collect prince our golden retrievers ashes. He allowed me to feel that prince was a member of our family and. more than a pet. He
    made the experience a lot easier than i expected and left with the comfort that prince had been well looked after and treated with dignity. I would highly recommend anyone that loses a pet to use this companies services it's a fantastic thing he does to allow you to have your best friend home with you.

  • Joyce megginson (Tuesday, May 09 17 07:33 pm BST)

    Thank you Steve for kindness & compassion recently on the loss of tj it's been very sad time for us. Thank you again steve

  • Les Wyness (Sunday, May 07 17 11:34 am BST)

    Dear Steve, just to say many thanks for the care you took of our beloved Tasha. We were heartbroken to lose her. but you took great care to let us know that she was
    being looked after at the crematorium and were very kind. Her ashes are back with us and we're so beautifully, and thoughtfully presented. Thank you so much for your care and attention.

  • Paul Collier (Sunday, February 12 17 06:47 am GMT)

    Thanks for making things a lot easier at the sudden loss of our collie dog. Everything was professional from start to finish and the scatter bag with his ashes is simply ideal to take to the beach for his final walk.
    Totally recommended for the final send off for your pet.

  • dave (Thursday, January 05 17 06:03 pm GMT)

    Thank you Steven for taking care of biggie he was our autistic sons companion ang much loved family pet u will always be in our hearts biggie love ? and miss u son love min dad and jack

  • dave (Thursday, January 05 17 05:58 pm GMT)

    RIP (biggie) our most Faithfull boy was sadly taken to rainbow bridge sadly he was killed by a car on boxing day 2016 we will love and miss you always jizzy your loving mum and dad

  • Jane Cooper (Tuesday, November 08 16 02:44 am GMT)

    Thank you Gillian & Steven so much for taking good care of my eighteen year old fur baby (cat). Excellent service & highly recommend. A heartbroken mummy. R.I.P. Soda xx

  • Laura (Tuesday, October 11 16 02:36 pm BST)

    Thank you Steve for making a difficult time easier.
    We lost our boy suddenly and we were supported every step of the way.
    It gave us a wonderful sense of peace to know he was well looked after.

  • Daphne Gregory (Tuesday, October 11 16 12:03 pm BST)

    A dignified farewell to Amber. A loyal and devoted companion. My grateful thanks to Steve for his kindness and compassion at a very sad time. Amber will be missed by all , none more so than her best
    pal Spinner. Thank you again Steve.

  • Liz Grant (Saturday, October 01 16 08:35 pm BST)

    Thank you Steven for your kindness and compassion recently, which was a very very hard time for me. To lose two of my precious cats so close together due to RTA's was devastating. As always, you took
    very good care of Sparkle and Ramsay, both gentle boys and much loved. Ramsay mended my broken heart when I lost Monty aged 17 a couple of years ago, both ginger boys are now in their ginger cat
    caskets. I found it hard to decide about Sparkle and you kindly suggested the photo frame for his ashes - the perfect choice for him. Thank you for that. Liz

  • Liz Wilson (Saturday, October 01 16 10:35 am BST)

    Wonderful treatment of all our Clan cats and dogs over the years x

  • Mr and Mrs Proctor (Wednesday, August 31 16 09:01 pm BST)

    Dear Steven, just to say very many thanks for the care you took of our beloved Beddoes. We were heartbroken to lose him as we had been together so long. You took great care to let us know that he was
    being looked after at the crematorium and were very kind. His ashes are back with us and we're so beautifully, and thoughtfully presented. Thank you so much for your care and attention.

  • Gibson family (Sunday, August 28 16 12:10 pm BST)

    Following the sudden passing of our beloved cocker spaniel, "Molly", we would like express our thanks for your services.
    Your understanding and kindness at such a stressful, difficult time were greatly appreciated.
    The "memory" stones, with her ashes in are beautiful.
    Our hearts are broken and our home is empty without her. Her paw print has been well and truly left in our hearts. ??❤️?
    Thank you for everything.
    Molly 8/8/16



Steven, just a wee note to say a big thank you for the very caring & compassionate service we received from you on the death of our Yorkie ‘Beauty’. The time you took with us on Friday evening helped us to know that she had been treated so well. Many thanks for your help


Jim & Jennifer Forbes

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the professional and sympathetic way you handled the loss of my much loved Cindy


Mrs M Hay

Dear All, many thanks for the professional and compassionate service you provided for Sam and his family. It is very much appreciated


Robert Donald


Dear Steven & Gillian. Just a wee note to say thank you so much for the attention and care you afforded to our lovely doggie Meisha. We miss her very much but are just glad she is back home with us, and that is thanks to the quick and caring service you provided. When I say I hope not to see you too soon, I know that you will understand our sentiments. Once again thank you both


Donna & Brad Hobson