Balmedie Pet Crematorium
Balmedie Pet Crematorium

Welcome to Balmedie Pet Crematorium


Balmedie Pet Crematorium is set in a picturesque location of Balmedie, North of Aberdeen, overlooking the Aberdeenshire coastline. We offer an ideal setting for you to ensure that your loved one has a suitable final parting and you feel safe in the knowledge that you have done everything possible for your pet.


At Balmedie Pet Crematorium, we offer a dignified and private cremation service for your pet. All cremations are completed individually with ashes returned.


When the time comes to part with your loved one, we can either collect your pet from home or from your veterinary practice. Alternatively, you are welcome to personally bring your pet to the crematorium where we have a Chapel of Rest where you can say your final goodbyes. The most important aspect is ensuring that whatever option you choose it provides a dignified final journey that you are comfortable with.


Our primary objective is to ensure that an emotionally difficult time and sense of loss is handled in a caring and compassionate manner. After all our pets really do become part of the family and their loss can be a very difficult experience.



Steven and Gillian Black



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